Ensuring all Kansans have access to the health care they need

All Kansans deserve access to the health care they need. Our state has foregone over a billion dollars in federal funding due to Governor Brownback's and now Governor Colyer’s refusal to support Medicaid expansion. During the 2017 session, I worked with a bipartisan group of legislators to pass a bill authorizing Medicaid Expansion, but we did not have enough votes to override the Governor’s veto. We continue to work on Medicaid expansion, and I will continue to support it and any other efforts that strengthen individual access to health care; restore funding to our local hospitals, safety net clinics, and mental health providers; and recognize health care is a vital part of the Kansas economy. I support Medicaid expansion to ensure all Kansans receive the health care they need.

Growing the Kansas Economy
To grow the Kansas economy, we must once again invest in Kansas. When I arrived in Topeka in January 2017, our state was suffering from the impact of the failed Brownback tax experiment. In the 2017 legislative session, a bipartisan group of legislators came together to end the experiment and change the course of Kansas’ economy. Despite our progress, we still have a lot work to do. Our basic infrastructure must be repaired after years of neglect. Our schools must receive the funding they need to ensure an adequate and equitable education for all Kansas kids. Our tax structure must be fair and varied. Our commitment to a highly trained workforce must be evident in practice, not just talk. I will support efforts to do all these things because we know that families and business leaders take into account all of these factors when deciding where they will live and work. We have to invest in our great state if we want Kansas to grow and flourish.

Building the future by investing in education
Years of insufficient spending on education by Brownback and the Legislature has had a real impact on Kansas' children. Class sizes are increasing, teachers are fleeing our state, and schools are cutting days out of the school year to cope with budget cuts.

I believe schools are the bedrock of our local communities and are crucial to rebuilding the Kansas economy. It shouldn’t take a Supreme Court ruling for the Legislature to provide our schools with the level of funding required to meet the state’s constitutional mandate. We have started undoing the damage caused by Brownback and his allies, but our work is not done. We must fully fund our schools and protect the Children’s Initiative Fund to ensure every child has a chance to succeed.

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